The 4010 fan has a good design scheme to prevent oil leakage and has a longer lifetime


We know that the lifetime of the 4010 oil-bearing fan is determined by the amount of lubricating oil. The oil-bearing fan has a point. When the new product is first put into use, its sound is very good. With the increase of service time, the amount of lubricating oil decreases, the louder the running sound is, and finally it stops.

The decrease of lubricating oil is related to the high temperature of product environment, which accelerates the volatilization of oil. In addition, the leakage of oil is also related. When the fan blades rotate at high speed, the oil will be thrown out, especially when the amount of oil in the middle pipe is too full.

For this reason, the more appropriate solution is to make a hydraulic 4010 fan, the bottom of which is integrally formed and fully sealed, which has two functions: 

1. To insulate the heat, slow down the volatilization of oil, 

2. To prevent the 4010 fan from rotating out at high speed. Second, at the other end of the bearing, increase the oil storage space and oil baffle, which also has two functions: 

1. Increase the oil storage.

2. Prevent the oil from throwing out from this end. Because the bottom is sealed, the oil can be added at will to the middle pipe position in the bearing and outer frame chassis until the oil is added. As long as the oil does not overflow from the top, the oil quantity will increase and the service life will be prolonged

The upper and lower ends of the bearing are designed with oil preservation scheme, which can effectively prevent oil spillage and extend the service life of the cooling fan.

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